« Discovering Clapham with Marguerite from LearnArtory was fascinating and a most enjoyable experience. There is a lot to see in this most desirable part of London to live in. The worksheet provided at the beginning of the tour was extremely helpful as there is so much history, art and architecture in this South London District. »

Anne McK., Curious Clapham: from Country to Civility (C1), 13th June 2022.

« The tour was what I hoped it would be and ultimately exceeded my expectations. I thought the guide was excellent. It was a lot of detail in the first bit of the tour when we were outside but her enthusiasm and awareness helped me stay focused. I would not hesitate to go on more tours! »

Jane H., Somerset House: Inside and Out, 5th April 2022.

« Thank you so much for the tour today! I so enjoyed learning more about the gorgeous jewels! »

Kim P., Jewels Galore! A guided tour of the V&A Jewellery Gallery, 31st March 2022.

« Merci pour une nouvelle découverte fantastique! J’ai appris beaucoup sur les bijoux, moi qui suit une passionnée de peinture, je regarderai les tableaux et les portraits différemment à l’avenir. La guide était une fois de plus excellente! »

Geneviève S., Jewels Galore! A guided tour of the V&A Jewellery Gallery, 31st March 2022.

« Discovering or re-discovering Chiswick with LearnArtory’s guide David was very enjoyable. David is lively, funny and incredibly knowledgeable. Famous painters and writers as well as historical figures lived in this beautiful London suburb. »

Anne McK., Charming Chiswick: Quiet suburb and celebrities, 22nd March 2022.

« It was with great pleasure that I joined the walk around the neighbourhood of Marylebone organised by LearnArtory in March 2022. The knowledge of the guide was remarkable. »

Christine A., Marylebone: a Georgian gem in Central London, 2nd March 2022.

« It was great to join you today of this wonderful Piccadilly walk, it was my first time but I enjoyed thoroughly. »

Maggie X., Made in Britain: Fine Shopping in Piccadilly, 22nd February 2022.

« Thank you for organising this fabulous walk and suggesting this visit to me for the Club! All the participants seemed very enthusiastic. Muriel as usual is so good that she makes us forget the cold weather! A very interesting area, with a great diversity of architecture. Amazing to find such lovely corners in the centre of London and yet one gets the impression to be far away from London. »

Geneviève S., Secret Fitzrovia, 19th January 2022.

« On a sunny’s January morning, it was pure joy to discover Fitzrovia, a London hidden gem. Muriel, one of LearnArtory’s blue badge guides, led our group with enthusiasm, a big smile and amazing knowledge through the local streets. History, Architecture, Litterature and Art were present around every corner. Fitzroy Square with its features designed by Robert Adams was a wonderful discovery.

Thank you LearnArtory for this treat! »

Anne McK., Secret Fitzrovia, 19th January 2022.

« C’était absolument fantastique ! Même si nous avions déjà parcouru certains des lieux, cela faisait plaisir de les revoir et de réécouter la présentation de Muriel. De plus avec son talent et son charme habituel, on ne se lasse pas de l’écouter ! J’ai été également très agréablement surprise par la diversité des endroits sélectionnés pour cette balade culturelle. Félicitations! Well done! »

Geneviève S., Architecture in the City: Glass, Steel and Concrete, 30th November 2021.

« This was a very interesting walk. Despite the fact I had worked in the area I discovered a lot of new/unknown places. The length of the visit was just right with no need to rush. »

Pierre P., Full steam at King’s Cross-St Pancras, 16th November 2021.

« I really wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the walk with Muriel. She was fantastic. Thank you »

Lisa E., Bermondsey: River, Tanners & Hipsters, 1st October 2021.

« I thoroughly enjoyed the walk in Regents Park and was delighted to listen to the lovely Muriel. I found her talk so captivating as we walked around such a beautiful park and I thought her so knowledgeable on all the questions asked. »

Lyndie M., Regent’s Park from A to Z, 18th September 2021.

« I enjoyed the walk very much and thought that the guide was excellent – very knowledgeable but giving the right amount of detail. Thank you for organizing this. »

KCWC Member, Regent’s Park from A to Z, 18th September 2021.

« Well organized, I could hear Muriel’s voice which is good since oftentimes women’s voices “do not carry well”, she spoke clearly and slowly so that was appreciated, she certainly knows her history, so I was very pleased. »

Bonnie S., Regent’s Park from A to Z, 18th September 2021.

« Thank you again for another wonderful and fascinating walk this morning with another great and talented guide. »

Geneviève S., Battersea: Nature & Architecture, 23rd September 2021.

« Je vous écrit pour vous dire combien, une fois encore, j’ai été enchantée par notre visite de Smithfield et Clerkenwell. Muriel Carré est vraiment une excellente guide, c’est un plaisir de la suivre! »

Geneviève S, Visite guidée de quartiers insolites: Smithfield & Clerkenwell, 9th June 2021.

« Thank you for organising this very interesting walk through the City. What a lovely morning our small group had and so lucky to have the sun. Once again Muriel Carré did a fantastic job. Her knowledge, passion, and pleasant personality motivated her audience. I can’t wait to be able to join her for another walk! »

Geneviève S, Secret Gardens of the City, 27th May 2021

« I’m so glad I attended the two-part-conference about the slave trade. Muriel our lecturer was very knowledgeable and the whole presentation was very well documented. An outstanding mind-opener!! »

Anne C, Slave Trade to Abolition – Parts 1 & 2, 12th and 20th May 2021..

« Des origines du commerce mondial des esclaves africains aux premiers pas vers l’abolitionnisme, la place des Anglais dans ce commerce, leur rôle majeur dans sa remise en question. À travers quelques personnages clés, Muriel Carré nous raconte l’Histoire et on est embarqué… c’est très bien documenté et passionnant ! »

Nathalie A, Du Commerce de la Honte à l’Abolitionnisme – Parties 1 et 2, 12th and 20th May 2021..