Event type : Private Tour

Day : Monday 23rd October 2023

Time (GMT) : 10:15am (meet) – 10:30am (start)

Duration : 2 hours

Language : English

Language Level : C1 (Advanced)

Place : Inside the museum, under the Great Court dome, near the Information Desk.


Monday 23rd October 2023 at 10:15am (meet) – 10:30am (start)

Meeting Point: Inside the museum, under the Great Court dome, near the Information Desk.

Step back in time and come and see the world as it was collected during the Age of Reason.

The creaky oak and mahogany floor, the smell of old books in their leather bindings, the classical elegance of the long galleried room and the glass cases full of natural and man-made treasures are an invitation to understand how the world was collected and classified in an age of expanding trade, groundbreaking scientific discoveries and a new faith in Reason.

Come and discover how travellers, explorers, traders, scientists, diplomats and grand tourists amassed and collected artefacts, assembled knowledge and displayed their treasures.This amazing gallery – the first wing of the British Museum to be built – is the place for us to look back at the history of collecting and also to scrutinise the present and the future of museums.

Advice to participants:

– Wear ultra-comfortable shoes.

– Check weather forecasts and make sure you have warm and waterproof clothes if necessary. Being cold on a walking tour can spoil the entire experience.

– Do not hesitate to bring a little snack with you (nuts or biscuits) and a flask of your favourite drink.

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