Culture is infinite, with more to learn and to discover each and every day… Learning a Language takes curiosity, practice, dedication and communication….

And this is exactly what LearnArtory is about! We offer you the opportunity to listen, to share, to discover, to observe, to immerse yourself in the Culture of the Language you wish to perfect.

LearnArtory is a platform proposing an array of engaging events on a collection of topics together with interactive language activities. Led by a panel of professionals, LearnArtory will help you strengthen your knowledge of Art and History in the Language you wish to improve in.

LearnArtory is Culture without Subtitles!

LearnArtory organises cultural events focused on History and Art to improve your language skills in French or in English.

Following are a selection of our upcoming events – visits, talks, excursions, quizzes, debates and much more!

Each event caters to a designated level of language skills; not sure what your language level is? Click here to find out!

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About us

Behind LearnArtory is a team of professionals, all passionate about History and Art, and eager to help you discover Culture without Subtitles!

The team is led by Muriel Girard-Perichon, whose idea it was to combine Language practice with Culture discovery – and more specifically History and Art.