Why book a bespoke activity with us? Well, LearnArtory offers an array of engaging events focused on History and Art which give participants the opportunity to improve their understanding of English or French.

Whether you are a company, an institute, a group of friends, a school, a private club, a family, or an association… our bespoke events are tailored to your needs, your interests, and your schedule.

Take our bespoke catalogue as a source of inspiration when planning future visits, tours, lectures, outdoor and evening events… each with an interesting twist!

All the topics suggested are unique, curated by professionals specialising in Culture and Languages. Each topic is adapted to the language level you require and provide you with simple yet engaging tools to work with.

We regularly update our catalogue with new topics and events, since Culture demands we remain curious and learning a new Language asks we remain patient and dedicated…

Our prices are flexible and conditioned to the type, number of participants, and length of the event you wish to organise.

We encourage you to get in touch to discuss your event plans with us further!


Online lectures / Virtual tours

  • From £15/pers. (without fees).
  • 75 minutes.

Outdoor events

  • From £21/pers. (without fees).
  • 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Getaways / Outdoor Events

  • Quote on request.

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