LearnArtory is here to help you improve your language skills while enjoying topics focused on History and Art.

Our events will first be launched in English and French, but we aim to introduce new languages very soon.

The peculiar context we currently find ourselves in has reinforced our desire and yearning for new discoveries and experiences. We all miss our guided tours, trips and exhibitions, but also our gatherings and meetups…
This is where LearnArtory steps in by combining language-training activities and events focused on Art and History in a friendly and welcoming environment.
What LearnArtory offers is the opportunity to listen, to share, to read, to chat, to immerse yourself and to better understand a Language and a Culture thanks to a vast array of events created by passionate and certified professionals.
As a result, some language skills are required as a prerequisite to fully enjoy our events, whichever language you chose to improve in.

You can find all our language requirements and self-assess your level by clicking here.

What a Waterloo! (C1)

Monday 24th April at 09:45am
A long Waterloo hike to understand the development of London! We will cover a lot of ground together: be ready to walk Waterloo!

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Soho & Music Walk (C1)

Monday 12th June at 01:45pm
Come and explore Soho, the historic beating heart of musical London, full of colourful shops and mysterious alleyways!

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