With a keen interest in all things artistic, from museums and art galleries to sculpture and architecture, music festivals and concert halls, Marguerite is eager to share ways of seeing, hearing, and perceiving the wonderful diversity of London’s heritage and developments.

Born in the UK to Canadian parents, she has spent her life in both countries as well as abroad – covering Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia – always discovering and adapting to different people, places and traditions. She is bilingual in French and English and easily identifies with both cultures.

Her university studies in Toronto, Paris, and London (Courtauld Institute) have always focused on art, culture and society; it is in these fields that she feels she can offer the best.  She has worked in the art world – museums and auction houses – for many years and acquired in parallel a diploma for teaching French as a foreign language.

In 2017, Marguerite qualified as London Blue Badge Guide. Since then, she has loved giving informed and entertaining tours in both French and English to children, teenagers, and adults alike!